Appeal to Friends of Hedgehog Rescue

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2018 was a successful and incredibly busy year. A record number of hogs, 336, have received treatment here at Hedgehog Rescue as warmer winter temperatures resulted in fewer hibernations.

  • ‘Zoflora’ was brought to us after being discovered stuck in a drain. She was very cold and in shock after disinfectant and bleach thrown down the drain when the finder thought it was a rat. She was treated with fluids, wormed and on recovery successfully released where she was found after the finder replaced the missing drain cover and read the education pack.
  • ‘Thomas and James’ were recovered from Bitton Railway after falling into the inspection pit. Totally black with oil and soot, they were bathed many times, monitored for poisoning effects, wormed and rested. They soon regained health (and normal colour) and were released nearby to a lovely garden owned by Mary.

Our cages, well used over the years and now beyond repair, need replacing.

We have been fortunate to receive a grant of £1000 from South Glos. Council towards the cost. However, a new bank of cages will cost around £6000, a big expense for us to cover. In 2018, loyal supporters have donated their fundraising money to Hedgehog Rescue, so the total saved is now £2450.

Your help in the past has been much appreciated and has enabled us to continue this valuable work.

If you wish to help, please donate in any way over on our support page

Thank you for reading.