Co-ordinated by Yvonne Cox, the Hedgehog Rescue volunteer team work in many ways. First and foremost is the rehabilitation and release of as many hedgehog casualties as we can, but the scope also includes giving emergency advice, sharing useful information, fund-raising, helping to run awareness workshops and attending community-based events. 

As well as the pain and suffering many hedgehogs endure, many young babies are left orphaned and have to be hand-reared before release. As well as the road kills every year, humans are also responsible for many hedgehog deaths and injuries through the irresponsible disposal of litter, habitat destruction and the use of garden tools and chemicals.   

As a result of this, Yvonne gives educational and awareness talks to schools and community groups, encouraging the public to consider the consequences of their actions upon wildlife and prevent hedgehog casualties.

We hope you enjoy our website and that you learn more about our spiky friends. If you can, we would welcome your support – why not adopt a hedgehog or send a donation to us? All money raised from talks, adoptions, donations and sales go directly to buy food, hedgehog cages and medication. Go to our Support Us page to find out more.