• Hedgehog Rescue Newsletter – Summer/Autumn 2022

    As well as the usual “Who’s in, who’s out?” section, the Summer/Autumn edition focuses on the reasons for hedgehogs coming in during Autumn, and suggests ideas for pollinator-friendly plants that look pretty, but that slugs should hate.

  • Hedgehog Rescue Newsletter – Spring 2022

    The Spring edition shows us what it’s like to be a volunteer in the HR hospital, highlights projects that the HR volunteers have done to their own gardens to encourage wildlife and there are updates on some of the visitors to the hospital over...

  • Hedgehog Rescue Newsletter – Winter 2021

    Find out what happens to a poorly hedgehog when it comes through the doors of Hedgehog Rescue, and find out just how much our hedgehog intake has increased over the last decade. Plus there’s another hedgehog-themed word search to be completed.

  • Hedgehog Rescue Newsletter – Autumn 2021

    Autumn brings an update on all the hedgehogs coming in and out of Hedgehog Rescue… and there’s been a lot. Advice on what to do with your bonfire, to ensure hedgehog safety. And Bristol’s two universities achieve Hedgehog Friendly Campus awards.

  • Hedgehog Rescue Newsletter – Summer 2021

    The Summer 2021 edition tells you how to help our prickly friends during a heatwave; what to do (and what not to do) when you see hoglets out and about; and how to keep family pets away from them.

  • Hedgehog Rescue Newsletter – Spring 2021

    In the Spring edition we share lots of information on how to improve your garden to be more wildlife friendly and bring those hedgehogs into your garden with a just a few easy changes. We have an update on the project to upgrade the...

  • Hedgehog Rescue Newsletter – Christmas 2020

    The yuletide newsletter gives details of the various ways that you can support Hedgehog Rescue – both now and throughout the year. Includes details of our adoption packs, Etsy shop and easyfundraising links. Hints on how to help those hedgehogs who are late to...

  • Christmas 2020 Newsletter

    Hedgehog Rescue Newsletter – Autumn 2020

    Details of important petitions to sign to help protect hedgehogs; how to care for autumn juveniles; hedgehog safety around bonfire night; ways you can help Hedgehog Rescue in the run up to Christmas and more stories from volunteers caring for hedgehogs in their gardens.

  • Hedgehog Rescue Newsletter – Spring/Summer 2020

    Updates on how Hedgehog Rescue is adapting to the Covid-19 restrictions; winning the Bristol Prestige Award for Wildlife Care Service of the Year; news on the refurbishment of the hedgehog hospital; and how to create a hedgehog friendly garden, including feeding station.

  • Coronavirus Guidelines

    As far as we know, there is no reason this virus should affect hedgehogs any more than any other wildlife or companion animal. This is a new disease, and experts in human medicine are having to learn fast. We are not aware of any...