Coronavirus Guidelines

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As far as we know, there is no reason this virus should affect hedgehogs any more than any other wildlife or companion animal.

This is a new disease, and experts in human medicine are having to learn fast. We are not aware of any cases in animals but think it prudent to take sensible precautions.

With hedgehog rescue, we need to consider two factors, contact with the finder, and contact with the hedgehog.

We are minimising face to face time with the finder. We have taken the option to have a box that the hedgehog can be delivered to safely on our doorstep. We are asking the finder to contact us to make arrangements to bring the hedgehog to the centre in a box and using gloves transfer the hedgehog to your doorstep box at an agreed time. The finder should then take their materials away with them, box, feeding dishes, bedding, etc. Please ring the doorbell to alert us that they have been, please then step away and allow us to confirm you have seen them and will deal with the hedgehog from that point on. It may also be wise to clean doorbell, boxes and handles after contact.

During the initial call get the contact details of the finder and a case history to reduce or eliminate face to face contact time. Please fill out the care sheet with your details and where the hedgehog was found. Also sign the Transfer of responsibility form. There are wet wipes for you to clean the pen after use. Please also take the education pack. 

For hedgehog food donations, please leave in the bin with orange lid.

When handling the hedgehog, as always, use gloves and keep everything scrupulously clean. You may also want to use a facemask. Increase hand washing and deep clean treatment areas more frequently.
Restrict contact with patients as much as possible as a precautionary measure until more information is known about the virus.

Thank you for taking the time to rescue this hedgehog. We will be in touch when the hedgehog is ready for release.

Take care and stay safe

Yvonne and the team at Hedgehog Rescue