So, imagine you are 20CM long and 10CM high with a load of prickly spikes on your back, what harm could you come to?

A hedgehogs perspective:

  • Netting whether for your garden plants, sports nets or recycling box netting, we get caught in it. So please keep it 30cm above ground level, take your sports nets in at night and place recycling box netting inside the box (preferably don’t use it!) My niece Fifa dislocated her leg in one of those
  • Tin Cans, please squash them before putting them in your recycling box, we are pretty good climbers and our heads get stuck in them when we are searching food. Elastic bands (usually dropped by the postie) and hair bands too, please pick them up, cut them and discard,
  • Ponds, do you know we are great swimmers? but we do drown if we can’t get out of your pond, please provide a ramp. No towel required.
  • Do not use pesticides or insecticides, it poisons what we eat and if we eat the pellets it poisons us too
  • Snack packets gosh they smell great, don’t they? We love all those little crumbs left inside, the trouble is our prickles go through the packet and we find ourselves stuck inside, could you please cut the packet open when you are finished? Salt & Vinegar
  • Check your bonfire before lighting, we may just be having a snooze inside there, thanks love Guy
  • Check long grass and hedgerows before using your garden tools, poor Miss Trimmer lost her legs when someone didn’t check
  • Put your plant pots 10cms apart or squeeze them together as we can get stuck between them, it’s our large bottoms you know
  • Anything with a small ring can catch around our legs, think ring pulls from cans, plastic pulls from juices, milk, shampoo bottles/cartons
  • Takeaway cups are just the right size to get stuck over our heads, please squash and put in the bin
  • Now I know you love your dog, but they don’t always love us, so when letting him or her out in the evening put them on a lead