Copyright © Yvonne Cox Hedgehog Rescue				         All rights reserved Hedgehog Rescue helping helpless hedgehogs in the West of England Home Home Hedgehog Facts Hedgehogs Eat Dirty Grubs Eagerly Helping Organic Gardeners Emergency Advice Hedgehogs eat about 70g of food a night.   I wonder just how many slugs that is................. Hedgehogs have 32 teeth, that's the same as a human adult! Hedgehogs roam 2-3 km a night in search of food and to mate.  One hedgehog on Uist was tracked and he walked 6.5 kms in one night! The picture  shows the front paw of a hedgehog.   Note it is wide and almost rounded (like our hands) Hedgehogs self-anoint when they smell or taste something new.  Some scientists think this gives them immunity to venoms and poisons. Compare the front paw with the back paw of a hedgehog.   Note it is long and thin (like our feet). Adult hedgehogs have 5000-7500 spines.  Their spines are modified fur (like human nails and hair) they are made of the same thing. Hedgehogs can have up to 10 babies, but the average litter is 4-5 A newborn hedgehog weighs approximately 16g-21g. This is the African pygmy hedgehog, identified by having 4 toes on each foot, compared to the European hogs which have 5 on each foot.  This species is now available as pets -  Hedgehog Rescue does not endorse this practice This is an European hedgehog, just as you would find in your UK garden, which makes some people think she is a different species, she just has pale coloured spines. Hedgehogs need to be 600g (thats a 1lb 8oz to the imperialists!) before they can hibernate. Watch out for those autumn juveniles visiting your garden. The hedgehogs best sense is its nose, followed closely by it ears.   Their hearing is 10x better than ours. Their eyes open on the 14th day and their ears would have opened at 10 days old. This hedgehog is probably about 5 days old A Hedgehogs' brain is about the size of a peanut, so if you are waiting for an email from him you've got a long wait! Helping hedgehogs starts with understanding the way that they live their lives - here are some facts about them: For emergency First Aid advice click here