Copyright © Yvonne Cox Hedgehog Rescue				         All rights reserved Hedgehog Rescue helping helpless hedgehogs in the West of England Home Home Emergency Advice This page has been written by the BHPS to give advice and  information for members of the public who have found an injured or orphaned hedgehog.  Always seek advice from a carer or rehabilitator.


Ticks  (see picture to left) are grey or white and vary in size from a pin head to the size of your small finger nail. They need removing as they are sucking blood from the hedgehog. Coating the tick/s in oil or  butter will suffocate the tick as they breathe through their body not their mouths.  Do NOT attempt to take these off using plyers as you could leave the head of the tick in the body of the hedgehog.

Mites can be treated with a bird mite powder, NEVER use spray based flea treatments as they cause respiratory failure in hedgehogs. There are different types of mites, some are red and can be seen crawling over the hedgehog, some are orange coloured and cluster around the eyes, these are harvest mites. Another type of mite is the one that causes mange this needs to be treated by the vet with Ivomectin

Fly eggs or maggots need to be removed as soon as possible, fly eggs look like tiny grains of cream coloured rice clumped together..  The maggots can vary in size depending on which ‘stage’ they have reached.

Maggots are often prevelant because of an injury, this wound will usually  smell.  The maggots at first  help to clean the wound but after that they begin to eat the hedgehog alive so it is vital these are removed as soon as possible.


Because Hedgehogs are secretive & nocturnal they often struggle on for a long time with their injuries before finally being found.

These can be caused by a variety of things, a garden fork put through the compost where a hedgehog is sleeping can puncture through the hedgehog, this can cause a hole in the lung. So the breathing maybe also affected

4-ring plastic holders can get stuck over the hedgehog and as the hedgehog grows this cuts itself into the hedgehog causing a ‘welt’ around its body

Elastic bands, rings from a drinks can, ring pull from milk/juice cartons wrap around the feet/legs of the hedgehog

Garden netting, football & sports nets trap hedgehogs often cutting off the blood supply .

Strimmers & lawn mowers severe limbs and cut the tops off hedgehogs, just by checking long grass before strimming & mowing can prevent you from inflicting  wounds to our wildlife.

Dogs can cause horrendous injuries to hedgehogs, by putting your dog on a lead for its evening wee in the garden you can control the dog if a hedgehog is in your garden.

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